Balloon Powered Internet

project loonWould you like the internet but live somewhere that you are unable to get the internet or maybe you would like to be able to access the internet on the go anywhere without relying on getting a good mobile signal. This may soon be a reality thanks to Google’s Project Loon a network of balloons that Google intends to launch into the stratosphere.

Project Loon balloons float twice as high as airplanes in the stratosphere and carried around the Earth by winds. These balloons can be steered by adjusting there altitude until they are in wind traveling in the desired direction.

Back on earth you will be able to connect to the balloon network using a special transmitter The signal bounces from balloon to balloon, then to a ground station back on earth to connect to the global Internet.

Google is currently testing Project Loon in New Zealand and are very happy with the results so far but in time they hope to expand it to cover the whole world no matter where you live.

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