Two week warning for the GameOver Zeus virus

5th June 2014

The GameOver Zeus virus has been left dormant for an estimated two weeks after an operation led by the FBI managed to take control of the malicious servers that controlled the virus. This has given users a chance to make sure the there system and anti virus is up to date and to remove any […]

What is Cryptolocker and how to avoid being infected.

30th March 2014

Cryptolocker is what is called ransomware. If you are unfortunate enough to have your windows PC infected by Cryptolocker you will be shown a window saying that your files have been encrypted and will be demanding around $300 which you will have to pay within 72 hours from being infected or your files will be […]

Balloon Powered Internet

project loon
17th June 2013

Would you like the internet but live somewhere that you are unable to get the internet or maybe you would like to be able to access the internet on the go anywhere without relying on getting a good mobile signal. This may soon be a reality thanks to Google’s Project Loon a network of balloons […]

Broadband Setup

6th March 2012

Many people when setting up broadband for the first time have difficulties in understanding the correct way to connect up their router which can lead to either the broadband working intermittently or even not at all. I have put together a three simple rules to help people resolve problems that they may be having. 1. […]