What is Cryptolocker and how to avoid being infected.

30th March 2014

Cryptolocker is what is called ransomware. If you are unfortunate enough to have your windows PC infected by Cryptolocker you will be shown a window saying that your files have been encrypted and will be demanding around $300 which you will have to pay within 72 hours from being infected or your files will be […]

Windows 8.1

windows 8.1
26th October 2013

What is new in windows 8.1 To list just a few things that is new in windows 8.1. the Start button is back, Performance system  improved, Better SkyDrive integration and More ways to personalise your PC. How do I install windows 8.1 To install windows 8.1 you will need to have windows 8 already installed. All you need to do […]

Nuisance Calls

nuisance calls
27th April 2013

After visiting several customers that have received nuisance calls trying to convince them that they had detected a virus on their computer which was making it run slow I myself received one of these calls. Although I know its impossible for them to know whether I even have a computer let alone a virus on it I decided to play along. […]

Setup Your Email on Your Smartphone

setup email smartphone
28th July 2012

Here are some guides on how to setup your email on your Smartphone. (These guides are written for email addresses provided by Norfolk Computers but will work with other providers as long as you have the server details.)

Broadband Setup

6th March 2012

Many people when setting up broadband for the first time have difficulties in understanding the correct way to connect up their router which can lead to either the broadband working intermittently or even not at all. I have put together a three simple rules to help people resolve problems that they may be having. 1. […]