Having had a chance to use a chromebook I feel that this would be great for the average user that wants to go online send email and type the odd document. Being cloud based you have none of the usual worries about making backups. To give you an idea of what it is like try using only Googles Chrome browser and its apps for a few days to see how you get on.

Imagine hitting the power button and being on your favourite sites in only 8 seconds. Open the lid to start, and close it to sleep. It’s that fast. Web pages load quickly and online apps run smoothly thanks to a dual-core Intel Atom processor and Adobe Flash support. You can even navigate through all your stuff stored in the cloud.

Updates of all kinds, including security, are handled online, so time-consuming fixes, patches, upgrades and incessant prompts are a thing of the past. At each boot-up, they’re handled quietly and seamlessly in the background; you never have to lift a finger. Download millions of the freshest new web apps: photo editors, games, spreadsheet programs, and a lot more without the need for CDs.