Using Your Computer: The Beginner’s Guide

Haynes Beginners GuideIf you or maybe even you know someone that is completely new to computers and are looking to experience the world of technology then this book is for you. It explains the technology in a straightforward way with easy to follow step by step instructions from the beginning without you being made to feel stupid.

Incorporating all the latest developments in computer technology and software, this book, now in its third edition, covers from the start how to set up your PC, getting to know your computer and how to use a mouse and a keyboard, getting to grips with understanding and using Windows 7, understand files and folders, installing software and using programs, connecting a digital camera and downloading photos, backing-up your data and make your own CDs, setting up an internet connection (with security precautions),surfing the web and sending/receiving e-mails and avoiding viruses and bugs.

With clear, jargon-free text, plenty of practical exercises to try out what you have learnt and numerous hints and tips, this manual is aimed at the complete beginner and no technical knowledge or experience whatsoever is assumed or required.