Full Service

full serviceDuring a Full Service Norfolk Computers will perform a Speed Up and a Virus and Malware removal on your laptop or computer. This will greatly improve the performance of your PC.

A full service consist of:

  • Remove viruses – Viruses will usually cause damage to your software or files.
  • Remove rogue software – If you find that suddenly your PC has new antivirus software claiming that your PC has hundreds of viruses this is usually fake rogue software.
  • Remove malware – Malware is similar to rogue software and will usually be asking for a payment, this is also fake.
  • Remove spyware – Spyware can be anything from a tracking cookie to software that logs what you are typing and clicking on.
  • Redirects and pop-ups – If you are finding that you have a lot of advert popups or that when you go to a website you often find that a completely different website appears you may have software redirecting you.
  • Check that anti virus is installed and up to date – To minimise any re-occurrence of the problems we will make sure that you have antivirus software installed and up to date.
  • Remove unnecessary start-up items – Sometimes when you install new software it may add something that runs on start up which can slow down switching on your PC
  • Install latest updates – We will check that windows is up to date and that your antivirus software has the latest definitions.
  • Remove unnecessary system files – We will remove any unnecessary system files that have built up in your system over time.
  • Remove unnecessary software and toolbars – Sometimes when you install new software you may find it is bundled with other software or toolbars that you don’t want and never use.

Take advantage of our full service in the comfort of your own home or office and your computer will run as efficiently as possible leaving you frustration free for only £40.

For an additional £10 we can take your laptop or computer to our workshop and perform the following:

  • Hard disk tests – We will run tests to see if your hard drive is starting to fail.
  • RAM tests – We will check that the memory is working fine and free from problems.
  • Internally clean – We will Clean any build up of dust on the internal components.

For further information please call 0845 544 0324 or complete the contact us form.