Laptop Power Socket Repair

Laptop Power Socket RepairSurprisingly damaging the power socket on a laptop is more common than you may think. The most common reason I’ve been told is carrying the laptop across the room while forgetting that it is still plugged in.

Common symptoms of having a damaged power socket are:

  • Difficult to charge the laptop – The laptop will only charge if the plug is held in a certain position or will only intermittently charge (after time this can also shorten the battery life)
  • The screen may keep going bright and dim -Sometimes when a power socket is damaged it may only be intermittently charging which will cause the screen to go bright and dim.
  • The laptop may not power on at all – If the power socket has become too badly damaged it may not power on at all.

To repair the power socket on a laptop is usually around £50 but can vary depending on the model.

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