Laptop Screen Replacement

laptop screen replacementFrom time to time accidents can happen and the screen on your laptop may become damaged this can happen from something as simple as having something on the keyboard when closing the lid or dropping something on the lid when it is closed.

Some of symptoms of this are:

  • Black patches on the screen – This usually happens after something has impacted and cracked the screen.
  • Garbled display – This can also be caused by an impact although there is no visible sign of damage
  • Strangely coloured display – Sometimes the display can develop an internal fault causing a strangely coloured display.
  • Very dim display that can only be seen in a bright light – After time the back light in screens can fail causing the screen to appear dim.

Luckily this may not be as expensive as you may think. For example a 10″ netbook start from £50 fitted and a 15″ laptop starts from £65 fitted.

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