Reinstall Windows

reinstall windowsIs your computer refusing to boot or has become clogged up with lots of unused programs and files?

Re-installing your operating system can make your computer run like when it was new.

When we reinstall your computers operating system we will also:

  • Setup your email – We will setup your email address in your chosen software
  • Setup printers – To save you the trouble of finding discs we will setup your printer for you.
  • Setup wireless connection – We will connect your WiFi so that your PC is ready to browse online.
  • Install anti-virus – To minimise any risk of your freshly installed computer being infected with a virus.

We can reload windows and complete all of the above in the comfort of your own home or office for only £50 or £60 with your data (photos, documents and music).

For further information please call 0845 544 0324 or complete the contact us form.

*an additional charge may apply for installing business software.