What is Cryptolocker and how to avoid being infected.

Cryptolocker is what is called ransomware. If you are unfortunate enough to have your windows PC infected by Cryptolocker you will be shown a window saying that your files have been encrypted and will be demanding around $300 which you will have to pay within 72 hours from being infected or your files will be lost forever.

If you are at this point unfortunately it is already too late. You will have to make the decision on whether to pay up on the slim chance you may get your files back (after all we are dealing with criminals).

Cryptolocker will also encrypt files on USB storage and any shared network drives it has access to.

CryptolockerHow to avoid Cryptolocker
The best way to avoid becoming infected is to make sure that your antivirus is fully up to date and updated regularly as most antivirus software can now remove Cryptolocker before it can encrypt your files.

Also make regular backups of your files on USB storage that is not always connected to your computer. This way should you become infected you can always restore your files without paying the ransom.

The main way that you are likely to become infected by the Cryptolocker virus is from a link or attachment in an email. These fake emails are usually fromĀ banks or financial institutions and, particularly in the case of CryptoLocker, from courier companies or Companies House. please DO NOT click on these links or open attachments if you think the email looks suspicious.

At Norfolk Computers we are able to remove the Cryptolocker ransomware but unfortunately we are unable to decrypt your files as this is currently impossible. If you have any further questions please give us a call on 0845 544 0324.