Wireless Networks

wireless networksAre you looking to install a wireless network?
Are you looking to expand and existing wireless network?
Or maybe you are having trouble connecting or need a problem diagnosing?

At Norfolk Computers we have an excellent knowledge of wireless networks, systems and various things that may affect its performance.

How we can help you with a WiFi network:

  • Home and Office WiFi setup – If you are looking to setup a home or office wireless network and need help or advice, we will be able to help you in getting setup and securing your network.
  • Camping site WiFi – If you own caravan park or camping site and would like to provide wireless internet to your visitors, we can provide a service with ongoing support. Please call for further information.
  • Wireless Repeater – If your current wireless network doesn’t quite reach where you need it we can install a wireless repeater either indoors or outdoors to expand your wireless network.
  • Testing and Repair – If you are unable to get your wireless internet connected or if you keep loosing connection, we will be able to troubleshoot and resolve your problem.

For further information please call 0845 544 0324 or complete the contact us form.