Nuisance Calls

nuisance callsAfter visiting several customers that have received nuisance calls trying to convince them that they had detected a virus on their computer which was making it run slow I myself received one of these calls.

Although I know its impossible for them to know whether I even have a computer let alone a virus on it I decided to play along.

They start off asking me to press and hold the “Windows key” and “R” on the keyboard to bring up the run dialogue then type in “eventvwr” to bring up the Event Viewer.

At this point they tried to scare me into thinking my computer had a virus by showing me errors in the event log. Being in my position I knew these were completely normal but I carried on anyway.

They now asked me visit a website to allow them to take remote control of my computer. It was at this point 15 minutes into the phone call I decided it was no longer safe for my computer to play along. I informed the lady on the phone what I do for a living and was promptly hung up on.

I can only presume if I had carried on they would of either infected my computer with something or charged me to fix a problem that I never had.

So should you receive one of these types of calls the chances are they are completely fake. However if you are still unsure whether the call was genuine you can always give us a call for advice free of charge.

For further information on how to tackle nuisance calls visit Ofcom.