PayPal Here

paypal here ukPayPal Here is a simple and affordable way to accept credit and debit cards anywhere you do business.

It consists of a Chip and PIN device connects to your Android or Iphone mobile via Bluetooth so you can accept fully encrypted card payments wherever you do business.

You simply enter the amount into your phone and get the customer to insert their card in the Chip and PIN device and enter their pin. Payment funds are usually available within minutes in your PayPal account. You are also able to send an invoice by SMS or email at the same time.

There’s no complicated setup and it’s easy for you and your customers to use. There are no monthly fees, no cancellation fees.  Just a one-off purchase for the chip and pin reader, and a small fee per transaction.

PayPal Here UK is due for release in the summer of 2013.

To register interest and be one of the first to get it goto