Two week warning for the GameOver Zeus virus

VirusThe GameOver Zeus virus has been left dormant for an estimated two weeks after an operation led by the FBI managed to take control of the malicious servers that controlled the virus. This has given users a chance to make sure the there system and anti virus is up to date and to remove any infections of which around 15,000 computers in the UK are believed to be infected.

The GameOver Zeus, which is distributed via links or attachments in unsolicited emails, search passwords and files that will allow access to banking or financial information. It is also believed to distribute the previously mentioned virus called CryptoLocker which encrypts all files on your computer, including personal photographs, and then demands a “ransom” of about £300 within a specified time limit to unlock the file.

I highly recommend that make sure that your system and antivirus is up to date and that you have a full backup of all your important personal files and photos.

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