Windows 10 preview review

Windows 10Firstly you may be wondering why it is called Windows 10 and not Windows 9 or Windows One to be in-line with Microsoft other products like Xbox One and OneDrive. Windows 1 has already been made back in 1985 which was Microsoft’s first attempt at the windows operating system. As for Windows 9 there are rumours that this name may cause issues for older software that may not be able to distinguish between windows 9, Windows 95 and Windows 98 but we will probably never know the real reason.

Back to Windows 10
Windows 10 seems to be coming along very nicely but there are still some issues for Microsoft to deal with, one of the things I have noticed is there was a bit of a delay when clicking on the start button. Despite this it is looking like Windows 10 is shaping up to be one of Microsoft’s more popular releases.

Start Menu
Probably one of the most asked for change is the Start Menu, while it is not a complete return the the classic Start Menu of Windows 7 we do have a hybrid of the two menus with the option to make it full screen almost like in Windows 8.1

Interface Changes
Windows 10 is very similar to Windows 8.1 in many way but there are quite a few changes.

The Charms bar has changed into a Phone-style notification bar with an expandable set of settings. Some of the notifications will let you click in like replying to a message which makes them much more useful than just having a list of what you’ve missed.

The new Settings app looks like it is set to replace Control Panel in a future edition of windows but for now the classic Control Panel it is still there. With any luck the Setting app will be arranged more logically than Control Panel was.

You can now drag down a Windows desktop app to close it, just like a Windows Store app. When you swipe over the left edge of the screen you get the Alt-Tab view which contains both legacy modern and Windows apps

As expected, Microsoft’s voice assistant Cortana will come with Windows 10. There is a Cortana bar built into the task bar and you can type a search in there, or tap the Cortana circle to see a welcome pane with your news, interests, weather and other Cortana info. Unfortunately Cortana isn’t included in the UK edition of the Windows 10 preview but it should be in the final release.

If you love Windows 8.1 and the touch interface, you will probably love windows 10 but you’ll have a few adjustments to make. For those of you using windows 7 the changes that Microsoft has made since Windows 8.1 may be enough to win you over.