Choosing a New Laptop

Laptops are handy for most people because they are lightweight enough to carry around whilst being versatile enough to run demanded applications. A great tool for work or play, laptops are always popular. Here are some things to think about when buying a laptop.

  • Which platform is right for you?

There are options for laptops running Windows, Mac or Chrome OS. There are obvious strengths and weaknesses for each. Windows is a flexible and popular OS, running on a huge number of laptops.  Macbooks all come with macOS. These are good for creative types who need to run apps on their laptop.

  • What Size?

There are several different sizes you can choose from.  The smallest laptops are 11-12 inches, ranging up to the largest at 17-18 inches. Your choice should depend on how you plan to use your laptop; if you are out and about, you might want to choose a smaller, more lightweight model, whereas if you plan to leave it sitting on your desk, you can probably cope with a much larger one.  Don’t forget that the larger the laptop, the greater the processing power!